Ride MD is a SCAM!!!!

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Ride Md is formerly known as Patient Care Transport LLC.look all over the internet for the complaints against them.

They dont pay any of their drivers, they stay afloat by continually hiring new drivers then charging them to work. Raz Barr, Ross Barr, Lior Klain on *** artists. Dont be pulled into the trap. Do your homework on them and stay safe!

In the middle of the night they vacated there building without leaving a forwarding address or new phone numbers and set up shop as Ride MD. They cannot be trusted. They have swindled hundreds of people.

They thought the name change would keep people from finding out about them.Be safe.


New York City, New York, United States #675884

They are at same location check workers comp law names of management on patient care don't match ride md and I haven't been charged a dine to work who pays to work that should have set off a red flag ride md don't charge drivers to work get your facts strIght

Irvine, California, United States #644629

I agree they have payed no one not a single person and raz barr is a little ***

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